About Me



 Hi. I’m Sarah. That’s me and my very best friend, my husband, Cody.

20140208_Sarah-and-Cody-e-b_002I am a photojournalist currently living, working, and studying in Pittsburgh.  I graduate from Point Park University in December, with a degree in photojournalism eager to see what reality will have in store for me post University. I believe the world is full of beautiful stories and I aspire to document as many as I can through the art of photojournalism.

I adore hot tea and coffee. Any hot and comforting beverage is really a beautiful concept. I sincerely admire the elderly. I thoroughly enjoy attempting to cook (it’s an art I’ve yet to perfect). Learning about health and wellness is my favorite. I also enjoy painting glass.  I’m an avid pinterester. I LOVE traveling, not just because of
a new destination, but also
20140208_Sarah-and-Cody-e-b_013because I love airports, airplanes, and car rides. I have a beautiful family whom I cherish dearly.

 “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” -Francis Chan

Live simply.

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