The beginnings of Haiti 2013…

The main reason I wanted to start this blog is to highlight my travels to Haiti.

A brief history of me; for the past two summers I have embarked on two separate journeys to Haiti, both trips rounding out to be about one week each. The first trip was in the summer of 2011 with Cornerstone Ministries. I had just finished high school and I went with a group of other high school students led by Pastor Dan. I had no idea what to expect,  I just knew I was thrilled to go on my first trip out of the country. By then I had developed my strong desire to travel and the only thing I really cared about was getting away and experiencing new things. I had no idea that trip to Haiti would change my entire perspective on life… but it did. Returning from Haiti, I was a different Sarah, (ask my mom, she can attest!). I then needed to go back, I needed to experience it all again, but instead with the mind set of “how can I help?” I had a better understanding of what to expect and this time it was about so much more than just a fun trip to “get away.” Now, another year later and here I am, preparing for my third trip to Haiti. This time as the youth intern with Pastor Dan at Cornerstone Ministries.

On Saturday, July 20, I will be headed to Haiti with another high school group, again, led by Pastor Dan. This time, instead of as a student, I will be going as a leader to this group (although I question my ability to actually lead, I hope to be useful to the students in someway!). The biggest kick that makes this trip differ from the others; I will spend 21 days immersed in the Haitian culture. After the high school trip ends, I will remain in Haiti then the Young Adults group from Cornerstone will meet me there. This will be the longest amount of time I have spent out of the country, away from home (other than college, but I don’t think that counts), and away from my cell phone and other first world luxuries. I am slightly nervous… but mostly excited.

During these upcoming 21 days, I hope to use this blog as somewhat of a personal journal to reflect on this adventure while it is happening. But not only that, I hope this can be used as an open book to anyone who is interested in Haiti, short term ministry trips, the two teams from Cornerstone who are traveling to Haiti this summer, and anything else I may write about in the upcoming weeks.

I am eager to see what God has planned for me for this trip and happy to have started this blog to share it all with you 🙂



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