Day of travels

Day one = day of travels.

The day began at the warehouse around 1 pm with packing and distribution of granola bars, soccer supplies and toiletries. (A special thank you to everyone who donated all of those things! Much appreciated!) All of the students and families pitched in to be sure every item collected made it in a suit case.

By the way, I am so excited to be able to have this many granola bars to give to the kids at soccer camp! They will be delighted.

After all of the hustle and bustle of packing was finished, the team and their family members gathered in a circle to be sent off and prayed over. Everyone said their goodbyes and we boarded the shuttle to the airport.




It is fun to travel in these large groups for ministry trips. All of us wearing the same color results in plenty of weird looks, but sometimes we get smiles. Often we get asked what we are doing and where we are going which is always nice to spark some conversation.


We are currently hanging out in the Boston airport as a sea of red waiting to board the plane for the Dominican Republic. Phones and electronics are plugged into every outlet. Some group members are bonding, while some rest, and others wander the airport. One group just asked Au Bon Pain for their end of the night pastries… Ask and you shall receive… Half of our team now has pastries free of charge to enjoy.




The plane is on schedule and everything is going great. Excitement is high as we are all enjoying the journey!

So long for now,



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