So long Thrive team

Happy birthday to Jordan and Christina!

Today is Saturday, July 27th which means several things; it is my brothers birthday, miss Christina Risbons birthday, and our free day here in Haiti!

To celebrate birthdays and life we began the day out at the tourist market. I think joy was brought to the Haitians faces to see a school bus full of Americans come to shop… I also think joyous Haitians were left at the market after we departed with bags full of goods. Everyone made great bargaining attempts at lowering prices on bracelets, paintings, jewelry boxes, and other authentic Haiti trinkets.

Once our wallets were all a bit lighter and bags heavier, we boarded back on the bus to go to the beach, Comier Plage. There, we had a wonderfully relaxing day full of sand, sun, and swim.

Tonight is the last night the Thrive team is in Haiti and I’m sad to see them go. We had a great group this week who worked together as a team. It is rare to have a team who is so positive but this team had positive attitudes the entire trip. As I mentioned before, Pastor Dan has a motto, “don’t worry about the destination, enjoy the journey.” The journey was indeed enjoyed and I don’t think the group is ready to leave!

Although I’m sad for them the leave, a new group arrives tomorrow night. This time, my wonderful boyfriend and good friends will be here, therefore, I’m excited.

With horrible phone quality, some of the group is giving the birthday girl love.




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