I’m home from Haiti. I haven’t been able to write in the past two weeks so this post is a wrap up of the last two weeks along with the entire trip. I can’t believe the trip is already over! These last 21 days have gone as fast as days can possibly go.

I had such an amazing time while in Haiti. After the first wonderful week with the high school team full of soccer camp and VBS, I was able to work with a whole new group and a whole new project. The Young Adults Mission Haiti team arrived and a new project was started. We assisted a Haitian work crew on a construction project. Although none of us are capable of working as well as the Haitians, everyone pitched in their best efforts to help. I enjoyed the time on the sides watching it all take place and hanging out with all of my Haitian friends.

To put the cherry on top of week two, my sweet boyfriend proposed! Adding to Haiti’s special place in my heart one of life’s most special moments took place there, I got engaged! 🙂

Week three quickly approached with a smaller team of 5. We spent the majority of our week in CAP-Haitien visiting homes and meeting families. I enjoyed wandering around the poverty of CAP and getting a closer look at how Haiti lives. It’s devastating to see almost every single home in Haiti is absolute poverty and brokenness. It becomes overwhelming with the thought; “who do you help?”… everyone needs the help.

Now that I am back and re-acclimating to American culture, I need to ponder that question along with the question of, “how do I help?” What is the best way to help the people of Haiti and the people in need in this world.

“We have discovered that 2 percent of our time living out the gospel in other contexts has a radical effect on the other 98 percent of our time living out the gospel in our own context.” Written by David Platt in Radical, this discovery is true to my life. I am glad to be home now to live out my 98 percent in my own context as a busy American college student; but I won’t forget the 2 percent spent in Haiti this summer. I will continue to see it affect my life and continue to use it to make my best effort to affect others lives here.

“Meaning is found in community, not individualism; joy is found in generosity, not materialism; and truth is found in Christ, not universalism.”




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