Humble Haitian Home


This is Bernadie and her home. She is a mother, a sister, an aunt, a cook, and many more things. She and her family happily live in this humble Haitian home. Almost all Haitian homes are decorated with bright colors, coffee cups, and curtains. Although this home is quite beautiful for Haiti, there is no electricity, running water, or other luxuries of American homes. I also wonder where each family member lays their head to rest each night. Bernadie lives with her 3 siblings, her son, her nieces, and her nephews in this small square along with another similar home behind it.  One of the things I love most about Haiti is the sense of community they have that I feel I lack. All of Bernadie’s family share responsibilities along with their space; but most importantly, they spend all of their time together.


One thought on “Humble Haitian Home

  1. Sarah, I couldn’t agree more. I was actually in her house as well with Sarah and i was impressed with what pride she had in her home and the neatness. She is the lady with the killer set of pipes (arms) 🙂 that we had do some laundry for us!
    From the beginning on the ride from the DR, my first impression was why is everybody just sitting out on these chairs doing nothing. it was Sunday and of course that probably had something to do with it but then I thought, wait it’s us that has it wrong. We are so busy coming and going, in separate cars to different destinations and we (and I am guilty of this) don’t even know my neighbors and I live in the city so my neighbor is close so there is no excuse! The sense of family and community then hit me and I thought that is priceless. Even at the clinic, many times a child was brought in by a neighbor or a cousin or an aunt, everybody was helping to take care of each other. This is probably one of the many things that keep pulling at my heart for this country and the people I have encountered so far……thanks for sharing!

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