Happy October!

Life is quickly flying by. While I welcome October and fall I am trying to find the time to slow down and enjoy life. I got to go home twice in the past week and that was wonderful. As a college student, there are not many things better than home, a home cooked meal, and most importantly the company that comes with both, family. As another way to enjoy life, I have taken on the art of cooking. I love taking individual foods that are fresh, bright, and colorful, and doing my own manipulations to prepare them into a meal. It truly is so rewarding to start with all of the pieces then put the puzzle together. I think I may start photographing and posting some of my kitchen adventures…

Speaking of photographing, this fall I have been taking so many photos! That’s a good thing, considering it is my major. I’m learning my photographic style and many new things about photography. This semester I am in a color photography class. We are currently focusing on color film which is a new learning experience in my photography career. Although slightly challenging compared to digital photography, I have been enjoying the feat of film. I think it is interesting to learn exactly how the camera works and then wait for my results. We had to shoot 2 rolls of film, get the negatives, then digitally scan them and edit them. Here are some of my photos from the first project. Tomorrow, I conquer the color dark room.


Scan 4 Scan 7 Scan 9 Scan 14


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