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DSC_8284 DSC_8286 DSC_8269 DSC_8266 DSC_8271

DSC_8291 DSC_8298Squirrel Hill is a charming community in Pittsburgh where visitors can have diverse dining, art, and shopping experiences. Public transportation passes through the main streets of the neighborhood allowing the area to be easily accessible. Specifically, the 61D travels right from Oakland, down Forbes, transferring to Fifth Ave, and heads to Murray Ave running down the center of Squirrel Hill.

On a snowy Saturday, I decided to walk to my nearest bus stop, the corner of Forbes and Craft in Oakland. My finance, Cody, came along for the adventure and we took the first bus that arrived, the 61D to Squirrel Hill. I have driven through Squirrel Hill but never really explored the community or experienced all of the culture the area holds. At the end of Murray Ave., before the bus began its journey to the Waterfront, we exited the bus. We roamed the streets, and decided to dine at Curry on Murray to experience authentic Thai cuisine.

Curry on Murray has been a part of Squirrel Hill’s community since June 7, 2012. Squirrel Hill prides itself in being an area that houses varying non-chain ethnic restaurants.

Sujitra, our waitress, has lived in Pittsburgh for almost a year and a half. She is from Thailand and is here studying English at the University of Pittsburgh. Though Sujitra didn’t seem to understand why I was there, why I was asking her questions, or why I was taking pictures; she was cooperative, delightful, and friendly.

The front of the restaurant is an entire window, allowing for a bright, well lit environment. It was a beautiful, sunshine filled day where I spent the afternoon seated at the window with a wide view of Murray Ave.

The burnt orange walls have varying artistic pieces hung, including framed paintings, Thai collectables like an iron elephant trifecta, and tall colorful woven banners across from an enormous bouquet of unique flowers.

Sorasit, another employee at Curry on Murray is also here to study English at University of Pittsburgh. He has been here since July 2012. Sorasit told me everyone at the restaurant is there as partners working together.

I left the restaurant feeling as if I had made new friends in Sujitra and Sorasit; and entirely satisfied by a delicious and perfectly spicy Thai meal. We waited at the bus stop and took the 61D back to college town Oakland.


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